Nordik 3xSave SystemS

At Nordik Blades we’ve been working on a comprehensive portfolio of contouring cutting edges, over the years we’ve designed and developed several different models, but they all have 1 very important thing in common: all of our contouring blades guarantee significant savings on SALT, MAINTENANCE, and REPLACEMENT.


Our blades will help you to save up to 25% of salt, simply because they clean much better than regular blades. The more you clean in the front (and we guarantee you will clean a LOT more); the less you burn in the back. Saving on salt is good for your budget, good for the environment and good for the community.

SAVE ON Maintenance

The first thing you’ll realize when you start using a Nordik Product is how quiet our blades are. Due to the rubber components, our blades not only contour the road, but also absorb the chatter and impact. A quiet blade means no vibration, no vibration means less material and driver fatigue. Less fatigue means preserved quality and safety.

SAVE ON Replacement

Yet another benefit of a moving blade lies in the contouring feature. Unlike regular steel and carbide blades where the weight of your plow will always be sitting on the blade portion running on the crown of the road, our moving blades will contour the road surface, hence help to distribute the weight of the plow across your blade system.
This will lead to more even wear, which extends the wear life of your cutting edges. Our blades outlast regular carbide blades 3 to 1.

Nordik 3X Save